Bangladesh is a developing country and textile is the largest industrial sector of Bangladesh. We earned about 85% of our foreign currency from this sector. Over the last couple of decades the face of textiles has changed dramatically all over the world. To overcome the challenges of textile sector government of Bangladesh has been setting up and operating textile education institutes at different levels to create skilled manpower in this sector with a commitment to develop modern and technology-based textile industries in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Sheikh Rehana Textile Engineering College, Gopalganj is one of them.  This college started its academic activities from March 2021. Currently four departments (Yarn Engineering, Fabric Engineering, Wet Process Engineering and Apparel Engineering) are existing in this college under Bangladesh University of Textiles. The Department of Yarn, Fabric, Wet Process and Apparel Engineering at Sheikh Rehana Textile Engineering College, Gopalganj features a diverse faculty that is committed to excellence in education and to expanding the boundaries of knowledge and understanding of textile engineering through practical and research. The departments offer a 4 year Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering degree program for prospective undergraduate students. This curriculum is offered for students seeking a broad and deep knowledge of the theory, design and applications of Textile Engineering and other interdisciplinary fields. In parallel to the theory courses, students attend laboratory sessional classes, industrial visits, workshops, seminars and various training programs. All the four departments (each department contains 30 students)  have 120 undergraduate students a year who earn a Bachelor of Science degree and begin to work in the spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, garments and other sectors or move on to graduate or professional schools. Before graduating, students have the opportunity to become involved in a number of professional and recreational activities.